Block should make it easier self build house

Minister Stef Blok (Housing) to ensure that people can build. Easily own a house This can be lots that municipalities had intended primarily for offices, business parks and shopping centers.

This enables Second MP Kees Verhoeven (D66) Wednesday prior to a debate on the vacancy rate in the Netherlands. The proposal, according to him give a new impetus to the troubled housing market.

"This land is now worth less, which provides opportunities for cheaper housing. In fact, the large office space vacancy rate for building new houses", says Verhoeven.

Municipalities must first understand or downgrade.

According to the minister Block D66-tiger must therefore take the direction to the plan to succeed. "Block must municipalities around the table so that they want to make private construction. Their land available" 

Verhoeven reproach Block to be with these issues. 'Passive'

"He says he does not go, it's on the market and local players." But according to Verhoeven, who recently led a committee that studied the rise in house prices, the housing disturbed just show that control is necessary.

Expensive purchased In the debate, the huge vacancy in the Netherlands addressed. Many municipalities in the Netherlands have land purchased more expensive than the price at which they can buy it because of the current market as revealed recently by research.

Of the 40 municipalities that were examined, including the 30 largest, 33 have a loss of at least 1 million made. In eleven municipalities loss in 2011 was higher than 20 million.

The pressure on municipalities to lower land prices will therefore for some time, but by no means all municipalities appreciate this ground too, or because they have to check in there. Loss in the budget 

Elco Brinkman, head of Building Netherlands, said early this year compared that municipalities could decrease so as to give the housing market a boost. Their plots of land prices by 10 percent

Not only is there a lot of fallow land in the Netherlands, too many offices in our country are empty. End of 2012 this came to nearly 16 percent of the offices, according to figures from agents association NVM. This equates to 7.8 million square feet of vacant office space. The increase in the vacancy rate of office space within a year was also never been so high. 

On paper often have empty buildings a high value, while they are worth a lot less in practice. But high value on paper is priceless to give a new function. The building 

Therefore the Labour Party already came Tuesday with the proposal to make, so investors are to appreciate. Buildings forced off the rules for the valuation of buildings stricter

By: / Heleen Haverkort