Student in Amsterdam costs 493 euros

If a student wants in or around Amsterdam, pay the prize. Nearly 500 takes an average room in the capital.

If a student wants in or around Amsterdam, pay the prize. Nearly 500 takes an average room in the capital.

According to a data analysis of news and the ANP. Too expensive, says student union LSVB.

"You often pay more than worth your room," said LSVB president Kai Heijneman.

'' But the shortage in some cities is so high that landlords can ask a lot of money, as a student you have no choice if you live far away. There is only one way to solve and that is build more rooms. "

For the analysis, 15,000 were examined on the Internet offered rooms in the Netherlands.

An average room in Amsterdam shows by far the most expensive: 493 euros per month. Before that a resident than average 15 square meters of living space and he will pay 36 euros per square meter per month.

Also in Amstelveen, Diemen Zaandam and it is expensive to live per square meter, as it turns out. Who wants to live cheap, students must go to cities like Tilburg, Groningen and Enschede. You pay but a good 20 euros per square meter student, or 45 percent less than in the capital.

'' Especially in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the large deficit, which is why there are so expensive rooms'' explains Heijneman out. In order to address this deficit in 2011 a National Action Plan prepared by Student housing authorities, municipalities and the national government. This plan must provide 16,000 rooms in the period to 2016.

The action plan should especially local market and in contact with each other, so as to look at the approach, let along a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Interior know.

'' In 2012 there are 5000 rooms built, there are 3,500 rooms under construction and another 4000 in preparation,'' she says. '' We do not build as government, local municipalities looking to consult with market needs and what is possible. We find a varied selection important, the interpretation is up to the local parties.''

According to the scarcity LSVB not resolved with 16,000 rooms and it would help to vacant office space can be converted into rooms.

The Ministry has announced that an adjustment of the Leegstandswet outcome can offer. That bill is before the Senate, and allows'' the destination office for 10 years into a residential''. That's still 5 years.